Landscaping: It’s time to get back outdoors!

It’s Spring, time to get back outdoors!

I love spring! Warmer weather, longer days, birds chirping, green grass and flowers! It’s the best time of year. Everything feels so alive. I get giddy just thinking about it.

Did you know the ground settles around your foundation over time? It’s all part of our freezing and thawing. It is a concern as it can actually lead to water issues in your basement. Below is some helpful information on proper grading and ways to prevent water intrusion.

The recommendation is to establish a positive grade/slope away from the foundation of 1/2″ to 1″ per foot for a minimum of 6′ to 8′. Improper grading can lead to higher levels of moisture around the foundation which can contribute to water intrusion into the house.

I found this article called “How to Prevent Basement Water Intrusion”, it has great information. It’s from several years ago but it all still applies. It also talks about gutters which are also important. There is a misconception that I hear often from clients regarding gutters. Gutters do not cause ice dams! Ice dams are a result of poor or a lack of insulation in the attic. That’s another topic, however.

If you have any questions I am always here to help. Here’s to Spring!

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