It’s Your Home – Make It Your Own

A few years ago I transitioned from a single family home to a townhome. Something I never thought I would do but it’s a lifestyle that works for this stage of my life. My kids are grown and gone, it’s just me and the cats. Frankly they aren’t much help with home maintenance and it’s not my strong suit. I do miss my gardens but flower pots are my new best friends. And I honestly have the greatest neighbors here. I feel very fortunate.

One of the things that I love to do is remodel and decorate. My options aren’t as great as they were with a single family home but I am finding ways to make my house unique. I think too often homeowners feel like they can’t make big changes in a townhome. You can! From the studs in you can do whatever you want. Now there is a fine line on how much to spend as the return on investment is not as great as with a single family home. Some of my original ideas were shot down when my contractor showed me the estimate. As great as everything would have looked it just wouldn’t be smart to put that much into my place. So I tailored back to things that would make my home different from everyone else here without going crazy. (My bank account heaved a sigh of relief).


The best changes you can make are getting rid of builder grade materials. Things like vinyl flooring and carpets that aren’t meant to last more than a few years. Or changing your countertops. Find new light fixtures. I am taking it a step further to give my home distinction. There was a half wall at the top of the stairs that opens to a large loft. I had the wall removed and a railing put in. This opened the space, let in more light and I love it. The fiber glass shower surround is gone! I now have tile and it looks so much better. For whatever reason, builders of newer townhomes like to put in huge master bedrooms. Personally I spend very little time in mine, it’s a place to sleep. So I made better use of the space by adding a wall to make a 9×13 office/craft room. This still left me with a nice sized bedroom and defined the space better. Now my home feels more individual and not cookie cutter. I have more ideas and am excited to see them come together. I know remodeling isn’t for everyone and that’s fine. But if you would like to give your home some personality, go for it. Have fun. If you have questions about what upgrades and changes would bring your best investment, call or email me.  I am more than happy to help you.