We are just weeks away from spring!

Well, the spring market anyway. The Parade of Homes starts on February 27th and that is usually when we see home sales kick into high gear. There is something about walking through a model house that gets people motivated to buy a new home. It’s a very busy time for home sales that will start to taper off at the end of May. People are always surprised when I tell them that summer is a slower market. But June, July and August get busy with graduations, weddings, summer vacations and outdoor activities. A new home gets put on the back burner while we enjoy everything the warm weather has to offer.

Spring is absolutely the busiest time for real estate but do you know when the next best time is? Fall. Right after Labor Day-when kids are back in school and vacations are done-we see the number of listings pick up. People want to get into a new home before the holidays (and before the snow flies). Knowing the timing of the real estate markets is helpful but bottom line-there is no wrong time to buy and/or sell a home. For sellers, winter and summer offer less competition with other homes. And winter buyers tend to be more serious. Face it, who wants to move in the snow and cold if you don’t have to.

Want to figure out the best time for you? Let’s chat. I love talking about real estate!