Getting Your House Ready for the New Owners

Packing & Cleaning photo

Closing day is here and you can’t wait to move into your new home. You arrive at the home feeling so excited and then, you see how the sellers have left it. The kitchen cabinets have not been cleaned out. The refrigerator is dirty. Floors have not been vacuumed. The list goes on. Just like that the excitement is gone. Sadly, I have had buyers experience this and it’s frustrating. It’s not fun cleaning up someone else’s mess.

If you are selling your home, please take time to make it ready for the new buyer.  Simple things like wiping out cabinets and appliances, cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping and/or vacuuming floors will help buyers feel welcome. And don’t leave behind items that you think the buyers might want without asking them first. No one wants to have to deal with someone else’s belongings.

Have dogs? Do a walk through of the yard and clean up after them.

Burnt out light bulbs in fixtures? Replace them.

2020 is over, toilet paper is easy to come by so leave a roll in the bathroom.

Spring & Summer, mow the lawn. Fall, clean up leaves. Winter, shovel the driveway and walkway.

For more helpful tips to get your home buyer ready, check out my free download. Your buyers will appreciate your efforts!


Moving Out Checklist

Moving Out Checklist