A Community is so much more than where you live

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What is a community?  We recently had this discussion with my knitting group. Typically we think of a community as the city we live in but there are other types as well.  They exist wherever people congregate– at church, work, sports teams, the gym– just to name a few.

This all started because I had been toying with the idea of learning to knit, just like my Nana did.  So last March, on the recommendation of a friend, I went to Lila & Claudine’s in Mahtomedi. Little did I know that this would become so much more than a new hobby.  From day one everyone has been welcoming and supportive. Not just Kirsten, co-owner with her sister Polly, and the great employees but also the other knitters. We come together to knit, talk, laugh and eat. And what makes this work so well are the 3 rules that Kirsten insists on:

  1. No Politics
  2. No Religion
  3. No talking about other knitters

This makes the space feel safe or, as Kirsten has said, it’s a place of sanctuary. In the 10 months since I started going to Lila & Claudine’s, I have not only learned to knit (and become addicted to it) but I have met so many great people. I can be having a rough day and within minutes of entering the store, the stress just melts away. One day we started talking about how much we all appreciate the comradery, which led to someone saying we are a community, and I realized how true that is. I am so grateful that a simple desire to learn to knit has turned into so much more. Everyone should be lucky enough to have this type of community in their life. A place to feel welcome, supported and appreciated.  It is my happy place and I feel very fortunate. What is your community?


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